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Official ordination including certificate and ID card.

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Title Request, if you chose “Custom” above

Enter name exactly as you wish it to appear on credentials, use correct capitalization. Rose Ministries is not responsible for misspellings or typos – your name will appear on the credentials spelled as you spelled it here!

Some localities require specific letters of authorization in order to officiate a wedding. We are aware of specific states which typically require letters in order to register as an officiant. We will include such letters automatically with packages shipped to those states. Due to the additional cost, notarized letters will not be included automatically and must be selected above.

None Both Marriage and Baptism Certificates +$12.00 Five Classic Marriage Certificates +$8.00 Five Classic Baptism Certificates +$8.00

Clergy Parking Permit designed to hang from your mirror or be placed on your dash for use when conducting official ministerial duties. This permit may grant parking privileges at funeral homes, hospitals, prisons, wedding, and other locations as allowed by local regulations where clergy parking is permitted.

None Include +$9.00
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Official Ordination License including a Certification of Ordination and Wallet ID card imprinted with your name, title, and member ID.


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